Daniel Efraim Dazcal

The Daniel Dazcal Foundation was established to honor a very special person, Daniel Efraim Dazcal, the founder of Tec Toy, who prematurely left us in May 1992 at the age of 42. Daniel, admired by those who had the privilege of having known him, left us an important heritage both in ethics and in business techniques, as well as in innovative concepts.

The special appreciation of the human being, the constant search for happiness and many other revolutionary concepts brought to business, took the Company that Mr Dazcal founded, from zero to an absolute market leader in just a few years.

The target of the Foundation that carries his name, is to spread Permaculture techniques in order to teach poor populations to produce its own food and survival through ecologically correct and economically viable methods. The broadcasting of those techniques will certainly have a huge impact on the future of those populations, in the same way as Mr Dazcal's short life had an impact on all of us.